Damaged Oil Painting Repair

Paintings are cherished and valuable possessions that are often passed down through generations. Over time, paintings can become dirty and damaged, but with the help of the Painting Doctor, your painting can be restored to its original beauty. Contact the Painting Doctor to request an online evaluation and bid for damaged oil painting restoration services.

Benefits of Painting Restoration

Whether your painting is by a famous artist like Claude Monet or it’s a family heirloom depicting an ancestor, it’s important that the painting portrays the artist’s original intent. As paintings age, they can be damaged or simply become dirty. You may notice:

  • Cracks, peeling, or bubbles
  • Holes or scratches
  • Discolored varnish
  • Sagging canvas
  • Faded paint

Painting restoration reverses all of these problems and breathes new life into your painting. We clean off dirt, grime, and smoke; restore the varnish; and repair holes or tears. Your painting will look just like it did when it was painted.

Reasons to Choose the Painting Doctor

The Painting Doctor, Lynn Kershner, is a talented artist, so each painting she repairs she does with care and precision. She is an artist in her own right and taught art for many years in Colorado, winning “Art Teacher of the Year.” During her time as a restorer, she has restored paintings from every time period from the 1600s to the present.

Her 40 years of experience in art gives her the skill to provide damaged oil painting repair as well as detailed inpainting services, where she repairs damaged or compromised content with the artist’s original color palette, brush strokes, and application techniques.

When you choose the Painting Doctor, you can feel assured that your treasured painting will be touched by only one pair of skilled hands. Lynn provides 100% personal service for each client so they are always satisfied with the final restored painting. Additionally, since Lynn is a conservator in private practice, her prices are usually far more reasonable than many other restoration firms.

Contact the Painting Doctor by using the online form, or call (864) 944-7555 to inquire about oil painting restoration services.