Professional Oil painting Restoration Services

Bring life back to your cherished oil painting. Lynn Kershner, the Oil Painting Doctor, offers restoration services online. Send photos of your painting to receive a free evaluation, then ship your painting to the studio for restoration.

What Is Restoration?

Like most things, oil paintings “age.” Over time, their vibrancy and physical condition become compromised because of different factors. The environment they are in, damage during display or storage, certain chemical reactions in the varnish—all these contribute to a painting’s deterioration.

“Restoration” is the general term used to describe a range of processes and methods that can be done to restore or repair an oil painting. Some of these are:

  • Cleaning accumulated dirt, smoke, or grime
  • Removing the old varnish
  • Repairing holes, scratches, flaking, and other damage
  • Applying new varnish

Why Should You Have a Painting Restored?

Most oil paintings may not have been done by Vincent Van Gogh or Claude Monet, nor are they appraised for thousands of dollars. But these are works of artists, existing long after their maker has gone from this world. For their owners, the value of a painting can be priceless, especially when the artwork holds a treasured place in the history of a family.

An oil painting can have images that show the likeness of an ancestor way before photography was invented. Perhaps, the artwork is one of the first artistic attempts of your grandfather. It can even be a reminder of a special moment you have shared with your loved ones. Whatever reason you may have, Lynn believes that your paintings deserve the best care. That is why she strives to deliver outstanding restoration services.

Restoration Services That Lynn Offers

  • Cleaning by Removing Darkened and/or Yellowing Varnish
  • Inpainting Missing or Damaged “Content”
  • Re-Lining Deteriorated or Sagged Canvas
  • Re-Stretching Loose Canvas
  • Removing Creases
  • Removing Smoke and Dirt
  • Repairing Flaking, Peeling, Cracking, or “Bubbling” Pigment
  • Repairing Holes, Tears, and Scratches
  • Repairing Loose and Chipped Pigment
  • Repairing Water Damage

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