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The Painting Doctor

Specializing in the Restoration of Oil Paintings
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How do I get a free estimate?

I offer a free preliminary estimate to each customer, based on a careful study of digital photos of their painting. If you are interested, you should:

  1. Take 5-7 digital photos of your painting. These should include at least one full-painting shot as well as 3-5 close-up's of the painting's surface, especially of areas of obvious damage or areas of particular concern. Here are some tips for taking photos of your painting.

  2. E-mail these photos to, along with your full name, your address, your contact phone numbers,  the measurements of your painting, and an explanation of what you perceive to be the problems with your painting.

    What happens Next:
  3. I will study the photos and submit a preliminary plan of action and a cost estimate to you.

  4. If you wish to proceed, we will then visit and make necessary arrangements for shipment, restoration, and payment. During the restoration process, I often send digital photos of my work, so you can see the process of your painting coming back to life.

  5. I only ask for payment after you have received the restored painting and are satisfied with my work (see work guarantee below)

Work Guarantee

I recognize the great trust you put in me and my work when you send a precious oil painting to be restored. As a statement of my commitment to high quality work and your satisfaction, I only request payment after you receive your restored painting and you are happy.


What does a restoration cost?

 The cost of any restoration is determined by several factors. The most common factors are the size of the painting, the services requested, the degree of restoration required to repair damage, and the amount of inpainting required. Each step in a restoration takes time; the more time a restoration requires, the more cost is incurred. However, experience has shown that most single painting restorations will range between $300and $700 dollars. Also, some customers will have two or three small paintings, or paintings by one artist, and the common requirements, as well as similar artistic techniques, can result in a more cost-effective restoration event.

Contact Info

The Paint Doctor
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